Hello, I am Rebecca Jonas.

"I’ve always been fascinated by the deep emotions evoked by black and white photography. As Jack Antonoff noted, “Black and white creates a strange dreamscape that color never can.” In the absence of color, the raw and emotional aspects of a photo are exposed.

I started my journey as a photographer focusing on the juxtaposition of various subjects – finding beauty in the broken, the remarkable within the ordinary. I most enjoy capturing what would typically be considered “every day images,” in a way that conveys emotion and reveals a story untold. In my work, I integrate creative composition and artistry to create a thought-provoking narrative within my photographs.

Both photography and music awaken my soul and connect me to my most authentic, creative self. Often times, my photographs are inspired by songs I’m listening to; sometimes the lyrics themselves or the emotions inspired by the song. It is my deepest hope that my images make you think, make you pause, and most of all, make you feel." 

Rebecca has been published as a featured artist in fine art and photography magazines worldwide, including Aesthetica and Fine Eye Magazine. She is a ten-time recipient of the "Masterpiece Certificate of Achievement" from the International Photography Black and White Group.

She resides in New York with her wife and daughter, who are her greatest joys in life. She is a member of the Art League of Long Island, the Huntington Arts Council, and the South Bay Art Association.